About Us

Welcome to Ovh Urban Small Holdings! We are a family of 5 plus a giant 'feline' dog. We have always been passionate about self sustainability and being able to provide for our family through organic means, so when Covid-19 affected us and the rumours of chlorinated chicken circulated, we decided it was time to adapt and move into a small holdings to provide for ourselves as well as our community. Now we live harmoniously amongst 40+ chickens harvesting fresh organic eggs everyday and eating chicken we personally raise and cull.

So why Marriages? Well we tried other brands and initially all was good, after raising our own chickens from eggs however, we were not very happy with their grower pellets being medicated as our idea was to put poultry to table (with medicated feed you must allow 5 days before slaughter). 


After trialling many different poultry feeds for our layers and broilers we are now a proud poultry feed supplier of Marriages Organic Feed based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. We can supply feed in bulk just email us with your needs. Marriage's layer pellets gives your chicken eggs that deep golden yolk we all love and enjoy as well as a thick meaty egg white, all with Non GM ingredients, the difference in store bought eggs and our home laid eggs are worlds apart in quality, taste and texture! 

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